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see 3D Studio

Setting (Digital Twin Scene)

Refine your navigation experience within the Digital Twin scene by adjusting input settings. Modify zoom, pan, rotation, and timescale to achieve precise control.


Ability to distribute Digital Twins or Interactive Flows through links or QR codes.


A "slicer" is the tool within a digital twin scene that offers a cutting option, allowing movement through the Digital Twin by virtually slicing it to reveal its internal components or details.

Spare part

Using the Parts Catalog Builder, the Advanced Content Creator can change part names and identify specific parts as "Spare Parts." Clicking the "Spare Parts Only" option in the Parts Catalog within the Digital Twin Scene directly displays these designated parts. This choice ensures the Digital Twin exclusively presents parts labeled as "Spare Parts."


In the Interactive Flow, a node becomes a step upon publication. HoloLens 2 employs voice commands like "Next Step" and "Step Back" to navigate within the presented Interactive Flow.


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