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Parts Catalog

Automatically created upon uploading the Digital Twin to, the parts catalog retains the initial hierarchy and names from the original file. Modifications to parts can be carried out using the Parts Catalog Builder. The original CAD list is preserved and accessible as an extra tab within the Parts Catalog.

(Location: Digital Twin Scene - Web or any application)


Interactive flows and/or Digital Twins published with Pay-Per-Session enable viewers to access the content without needing to register to They can engage as guests. The administration of the Pay-Per-Session mechanism is overseen by the Admin and varies based on the terms of the contractual agreement in place.

PC App

The PC App is the platform where users can access and interact with 3D content. It's also the workspace where (Advanced) Content Creators create animations and manage updates to parts within the Parts Catalog Builder.


Refers to the central point or axis around which something turns or rotates.

(Location: Animation Builder

(Player) Attributes offers diverse choices for the (Advanced) Content Creator to customize how Interactive Flows are perceived by viewers. These attributes can be toggled when sharing 3D Content via links or QR codes.

  • Play video on display.

  • Transition to step upon selection.

  • Automatically read description aloud.

  • Permit user to skip steps.

  • Vocalize step header.

  • Await TTS before proceeding to the next step.

  • Display quality survey.

  • Activate indication arrows.

  • Control camera movement speed between steps (in seconds).

Point of View

Determines the camera perspective within the area where an animation is presented. It defines how the scene is viewed and the angle from which the animation is observed.
(Location: Animation Builder/ 3D Studio)


A visual 2D representation of the flow within the Interactive Flow. It gives an overview of how the flow progresses along with headers, descriptions, and associated media for each node.


(see Interactive Flows)


A project is a designated space within the workspace where Digital twins, 2D and 3D flows, and media are hosted. Each project has its distinct team of collaborators.

Project info

Project Info offers details about the project, including its ID, name, description, cover photo, and tags. Changes to these attributes can be made here.

(Location: Settings tab - Web)

Project ID

A unique link assigned to a specific project.

(Location: Settings tab - Web)


To make content accessible to a wider audience, by releasing it to a specific group. This action typically involves making material available through the platform, via the relevant OS apps, web, Learning Management System, QR or deep link.

Publishing history

A chronological record of when Digital Twins or Inter Active Flows were published or made available to the public. This history provides insight into the timing and sequence of releases

(Location: Editing page of Digital Twin or Interactive Flow - within the web interface)

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