What you need to know about the HoloLens and its key features

  • The HoloLens experiences reduced functionality of applications when the battery level drops below 30%.

  • Adequate lighting is required for good anchoring of the Digital Twin on the real object in the HoloLens.

  • Recording the Interactive flow using the HoloLens camera will cancel if anchoring of the model is required

  • Eye tracking is a key feature of the HoloLens, allowing for precise hologram interaction and individualized display.

  • Biometric authentication via iris recognition for easy and secure use by multiple people in a company.

  • There are 3 ways to navigate through the different menu windows in the HoloLens app,
    Touching, Pinching, and Voice commands.

  • There are two groups of voice commands, one native to the Microsoft SW and voice commands available in the frontline.io application. Please refer to the article: frontline.io - Voice Commands for Mixed Reality

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