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V22.2 delivers additional content creation tools, an increased range of devices, and more capabilities.

Let’s continue exploring the metaverse space with

V22.2 Highlights

  1. HoloLens 2: supports HoloLens 2 AR headset, this is in addition to the wide range of devices already being supported

  2. 3D Parts Catalog Builder – Fully editable parts catalogs and spare part management editor and viewer

  3. Extended Operations and Functionality in the Digital Twin Scene

    • Re-design of the Digital Twin scene

    • Improved parts selection tools

    • Context menu with multiple functions

    • More ways to search and select parts and assemblies

  4. Metadata – ability to edit and display metadata of any part or assembly

  5. Interactive Flows – increased capabilities

    • Additional supported languages

    • Preview of animations

    • Share flows using Customized QR codes

  6. Join a Remote Support call through the web even without the need for the application

Features details

These are the main features in V22.2

HoloLens 2 is now also available for the HoloLens 2 – a dedicated application is available on the Microsoft Store.

The release of the app for HoloLens is one of the many steps to provide a solution for maintenance and support with enormous advantages for the Service departments and their customers.


The Remote Support Calls using via the HoloLens 2, will be available soon.

3D Parts Catalog Builder and Spare Parts Management


A completely new feature is the 3D Parts Catalog Builder.

The 3D Parts Catalog Builder enables customers to create and modify the parts catalog while creating a secondary list with easy filtering on spare parts.

A completely new feature is the 3D Parts Catalog Builder.

The 3D Parts Catalog Builder enables customers to create and modify the parts catalog while creating a secondary list with easy filtering on spare parts.


2 Different Parts Catalogs: CAD Assemblies and Parts Catalog

Advanced Content Creators level users can create and edit a secondary Parts Catalog.

The Digital Twin and the standard Parts Catalog have the naming, locations, and visualization based on the information provided by the customer, like CADs, movies, and images. The 3D Studio team then adds the visualization and correct locations (if needed) based on the additional information like movies and images. In its aim for customers to be able to work independently, the Catalog Builder does just that. The customer can create an additional (Parts) Catalog with newly defined parent parts, names, and data. All are based on the already existing Parts Catalog. In this new feature, enables the user to

  • Rename Parts

  • Add part meta-data

  • Define Spare Parts

  • Cluster parts

  • Hide parts in the parts catalog list

When creating a new Digital Twin item, the uploaded hierarchy will be duplicated

For example:

  • The original hierarchy - CAD assemblies (CAD)

  • The new hierarchy - Parts Catalog (PC)

Note that all users, except for FSE and Operators, can switch between both lists in the digital twin scene.

3D Parts Catalog Builder

Extended Operations and Functionality in the Digital Twin Scene Management

The Digital Twin Scene went through a major revision including improved user experience, parts search and allocation, and an easy-to-use new context menu.

Improved user experience

The new design enables a larger working area and makes navigation in the Digital Twin scene easier.


Digital Scene



The Search capabilities are improved and extended; search commands will search in all catalogs and fields, including the new Spare Parts Filter.


Spare Parts Filter

The Newly Created Parts Catalog

V22.2 introducing a major upgrade to the Parts Catalog.

As of now, there are two Parts Catalogs

  • The original full CAD list, this list is visible to all roles but Operators and FSE

  • Modifying parts catalog – see parts catalog editor above to learn more about the creation of the parts catalog

The followings are enabled on both CAD and Parts Catalog lists

  • Parts and assembly search including metadata fields

  • Spare parts filters

  • Zoom on part

  • Highlight

  • Move and rotate

  • Show or hide

Parts selection

Parts and assemblies’ selection and de-selection are done using a combination of Alt, ctrl and mouse left click

On tablets and mobile phones, the selection is done using a long press

Please refer to helpdesk


Context menu


Right-click or tap with two fingers opens a context menu that provides a list of options as shown in the table below.


Available Options - Context Menu


Metadata windows contain the following information on any part or assembly

  • Name

  • Catalog ID

  • Additional info

  • Spare part [Y/N]

The metadata can be modified using the parts catalog editor.

To learn more about the metadata please visit the Help Desk


Interactive Flows

In version 22.1 supports the option for Interactive Flows localizations. In this new version, we expanded the language options to Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Japanese, and Russian.

Extended use of the Interactive Flows asked for the following features:

  • Animations preview

  • Copy nodes between multiple Interactive Flow items


Animation preview

Join remote support calls through the web

Fast way to create a call

In the earlier version of users were required to download the application. In the new version, users can join a Remote Support Call using the web browser. Initiating a call can be done using the installed application. Although this allows for quick creation of the Remote Support Call, users joining via the web will not be able to enjoy the annotation anchoring capabilities available for application users.

For more information about Remote Support Calls through the web see our Help Desk.


Meeting Details Info

Additional features

QR Code Creation

Easy access to published Interactive Flows using QR Codes.

The Interactive flow can be directly launched via a QR code (relevant for AR Headsets and mobile devices) and easily generated. now offers the option to customize the QR codes by adding an image, logo, and look and feel.

Learn more about QR Code Customization


Switch workspace

For those users who are active at more than one workspace, the Switch Workspace option is available on the top right menu.


Switch Workspace (top right menu)

The team is already working on more things to come

We appreciate any comments, ideas, and requests

Please contact us at [email protected]

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