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Fast Track

A functionality within that enables rapid creation of your own Digital Twin by swiftly uploading CAD files. The supported file types for creating Digital Twin models include the (.frontline) format. Additionally, 3D CAD files in formats such as (.step), (.stp), (.fbx), and (.obj) can be used.

(Location: Knowledge Base - Create an Item on the web)

Files 3D File Settings shows the available published files of the Digital Twin for Windows (desktop), Android, HoloLens, iOS, WEBGL and OSX.

(Location: Select Files on the Digital Twin Editing Web Page) 3D Studio

The 3D Studio is a tool for shaping and managing three-dimensional digital models, scenes, and environments. It enables users to edit, enhance, and enrich 3D content, such as Digital Twins, as well as design elements like Cables and Tubes. Additionally, it supports advanced animations and the creation of immersive environments.


Organizational containers used to group and categorize Digital Twins or Interactive Flows.

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