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22.X Version release content - Release Notes: Version 22.1.0 (Feb 9th, 2022) - Release Notes: Version 22.1.0 (Feb 9th, 2022)
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9 months after the 1st launch of, the newly released version 22.1 is a major step, including a variety of changes.

The version focuses on 5 areas:

  • Improved user experience

  • Connectivity to 3rd party applications

  • Empowering users

  • Massive enhancement of 3D Studio

  • Push the envelope

User experience

Since the launch of 9 months ago we have gained a lot of feedback from our customers and learned about their preferred way of working with our application, and these inputs are translated into the following features

  • The mobile device app interface went through a complete facelift, resulting in a simplified interface, focusing on the functionality and mobile user


Improved Mobile App for Support

  • User roles were redefined to meet the needs of each user in their work area. Each role contains a full toolbox. We defined 10 roles, including Operator, Service Engineer, Service Expert, Trainee, Trainer, Content Creator, Admin, and more…

  • The Flow Builder (aka Procedure Editor) is modified with more capabilities and has a faster turnaround

  • has now localization capabilities. 10 different languages are available, British English and American English, two types of Spanish and Portuguese, French, Italian, and German as well


Interactive Flows with multiple languages

  • COMING SOON – making a remote support call without the need to download the application; initiate a call, send the link, click (accept) and start a call!

Connectivity to 3rd party applications

docebo_logo.png is designed to fit seamlessly into existing Knowledge Management tools such as CRM, LMS, to enhance the working environment.

As a first step, is now fully integrated with docebo LMS. More leading solutions will follow!

For more information on how to connect with docebo, see the guide in the Help Center.

Empowering the users

We, strive that all content creation should reside in users’ hands. Therefore provides users with more and more tools to create content fast and at high quality. Besides the updated version of the Flow Builder, new significant content creation tools were added to, the Animation Builder, and 3D Studio.

Animation Builder

With the Animation Builder, customers can create animations directly from the digital twin and add them to the Interactive Flow in minutes and all this without even one line of code. Learning how to use the Animation Builder is simple dedicate 30 minutes and you are good to go! (Supporting videos are available in our Help Center.)

Create an animation only once!

Once an animation is created it is available in the animations repository and can be reused for other interactive flows across your project.


Easily create interactions with Animation Builder 3D Studio

The tool to become a professional 3D content creator!

Over the years LLS studio has gained thousands of assets that are used to create content in a fast and accurate way. All these assets are grouped under 3D Studio over Unity, and 3D studio enables users to become professional content creator.

Notable news for this release

  • io Scene Setup

    • Setup your entire digital twin scene in one click, save a lot of time, and work

  • Improved file build

    • Now you can upload a Digital Twins directly from Unity, simple and by saving time

  • Object's controller

    • With this new feature supporting versioning of models is feasible

  • io 3D Studio help and tutorials

Visit the Help Center to learn more about our 3D Studio how to create, faster and by yourself.


Create a Digital Twin and interact!

Push the envelope

In addition to the continuing progress in platform capabilities, we are happy to update you about a few additional features

  • Hololens II is fully integrated into

  • Mixed reality (overlaying the virtual reality on a physical item) using object detection

    • In simple words, lock the virtual image on the real image and use for Interactive Flows or remote support, available on tablet, mobile and AR headset


Mixed Reality for Remote Service and Training!

  • Bi-directional selection – full synchronization between the Digital Twin and the Parts Catalog. Right Click highlights the part in the Digital Twin and the part name in the Parts Catalog. Easily navigate to parent and export.


Search and select Spare Parts using Digital Twin

  • Use Interactive Flows in your training session. Trainees can now be fully trained on a working procedure while inside the Virtual Training Room.


Use Interactive Flows in Training Sessions

More information is available at New Features (at the Help Center).

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