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Active User

An active user is someone who has utilized the application on any platform to access a specific Workspace.

Admin (System Admin)

A system administrator with administrative privileges responsible for overseeing various aspects of the platform, like user management, Invoice and One-Time Users (Pay-Per-Session) management, analytics.


The support bot that helps users by offering answers to questions, providing articles, and aiding in the process of opening support tickets.


Statistical and data-driven insights obtained from the examination of user activities and system operations.

(Location: Left Menu dedicated tab - Web Page)


Dynamic presentations involving notable movements or actions of components within the Digital Twin used in Interactive Flows. Each specific animation is connected to a specific part and is created only once. Animations can be produced using either the Animation Builder in frontline.io or within the 3D Studio.

Animation Builder

The tool designed for creating animations within a digital environment. It enables users to generate dynamic movements and actions (like highlights) of elements in a Digital Twin.

(location: PC APP, accessed via Interactive Flows or Animation Manager)

Animation Manager

The tool that facilitates the organization, control, and manipulation of animations within a Digital Twin. This feature allows users to oversee various aspects of animations, such as creation, editing, usage, and preview. The Animation Manager provides also direct access to the Animation Builder.

(Location: Digital Twin, within the Web Editing Page)

During a remote support call, annotations are tools that let you draw, add arrows, highlight areas, and place colored beacons on the remote screen to share information visually.

AR - Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) integrates digital content into the real world, enhancing real-world experiences by overlaying virtual elements onto the physical environment.

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