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We are happy to announce new updates to the App. See details below.

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New Features

PC app redesign - To learn more about the redesign of the PC application, please refer to this article.
Ability to download the application MSI directly

Mobile app redesign - For further details on the redesign of the PC application, we recommend reading this article. Web

Flow Builder

  • ability to toggle the visibility of connection labels.

  • Floating description/ header - assign the final location of the title and description boxes in preview mode.

Interactive flow (Procedure) settings Additions - you can now change the parameters of the procedure in the setting button on the procedure dashboard. For more details please read the Procedure Dashboard article.

Interactive Flow Builder – tooltip for long text added

3D Procedures Modes - "Selectable by user" addon - as a content creator you can choose if a user can view and choose a specific mode when running an interactive flow. (Note: Not available when viewed through the browser.

Remote Support - you can now initiate a remote support call from the web platform. For more information please read the Web-based remote support room article.

Analytics - Export analytics to Excel (relevant for Admin and Usage Analyst roles) Applications

Favorites and recently viewed (App) - you can add favorites items to the favorites list. recently viewed items will be shown in the left-side panel.

Part Catalog (Shopping Cart V0.1) - This will allow the export of selected parts to an external document. (Stay tuned for more updates!)

Animation builder - Rotate pivot point
rotation of the pivot point can be done now in the animation builder.

Meet Alfred! Help Desk and support bot - A wide variety of articles and a sophisticated chatbot are now available on for your convenience. Check them out!

Bug Fixes

  • Edit interaction- press twice on the same part it would add him twice to the list when pressing done the model would disappear

  • Digital twin procedure player - when pressing a picture in a step with interaction user would skip a step and the user would be stuck.

  • Ctrl Z and Ctrl Y don't work in WebGL on extracted components.

  • Digital twin procedure - the part that should disappear at end of the animation doesn't disappear.

Known Issues

  • Interactive Flow

    • If the title is centered when displaying a PDF in a 2D interactive flow, it can obstruct the navigation menu of the PDF.

    • The "Go to Procedure" node is available for Web, PC, and Mobile Apps.

    • Procedure and Digital Twin settings are not available for Digital Twins viewed through the browser.

  • Digital Twin Scene

    • Clicking "Reset Scene" after highlighting parts will not remove the highlights

      Solution: Click "Reset Scene" and highlight an additional part that will remove all highlights.

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