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Inviting New Members into a Workspace
Inviting New Members into a Workspace
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IMPORTANT: Adding a new member to the workspace and defining the user's role within the workspace is done by the workspace administrator.

Inviting a new user

Inviting a new member can be done from the Workspace Management:

  • Users tab under Workspace management page

Workspace management

  1. Click on the user avatar in the top right corner of the web application

  2. Click on "workspace management" option

  3. Make sure you are on the "Members" tab inside the Workspace Management

  4. On the top of the page select: Add Member

  5. Proceed and include the email address along with the roles assigned to the specific user. To understand more about the various roles and how they function, you can refer to the article titled "User roles").

  6. Assign the relevant Workspace Projects

  7. Click on "Send invite" button

    The new member has been added to the Workspace and will receive an email invitation. The invited member will initially appear as "Pending" in the user list. Once the invited member creates an account, they will transition to an active status and automatically gain access to the selected projects.

To learn more about adding members to a (new) project, check out this article: Inviting a Collaborator into the Project

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