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Getting Started: Workspace Set Up
Getting Started: Workspace Set Up

The first steps: from setting up your workspace to Interactive Flows

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Getting Started

Step 1: Setting up your workspace

To get started with, the first step is to set up your workspace, which is a dedicated secured domain for your company. Within the workspace, you can host users, Digital Twins, Interactive Flows, and Media.

Projects and folders within a Workspace

Next, create a project within the workspace. A project contains the Digital Twin, its animations, and dedicated media and flows. You can create folders within the project to organize your Digital Twins and Interactive Flows.

When you upload a Digital Twin, it becomes a Knowledge Item in the project. To create a new project, name it and add a cover photo.

  1. Create a new project

  2. Name the project

  3. Add a cover photo (Settings - Cover Photo - Select Image)

Create a new project

New Project created

Set Cover

4. Additionally, design your content tree by creating the folder structure in the Knowledge base and creating folders to organize your items.

Create a folder: Knowledge base - Create an Item - select Folder option - name folder

Add a folder to the project


To define users within the workspace, assign them the relevant role at the workspace level. Users also need to be assigned to a project. Only users assigned to a project can see it, and they cannot see other projects within the workspace unless they are also assigned to those projects.

To add users to a project, refer to the article "Inviting new users" for more information.

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