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New Features:

In our recent update, we're introducing three new features aimed at providing enhanced support for your workspace management needs. These features include Super Admin capabilities, Automatic User Removal, and a streamlined approach to workspace management tasks.

Super Admin

  • Addition reports for HoloLens and Magic Leap - Device login and Device app version.

  • Channel workspaces through the super admin interface

The Automatic User Removal

The Automatic User Removal feature is designed to remove users from a workspace who have been inactive for a predefined period of time. This feature will help maintain an active and relevant user base within the workspace.

An active user is defined as someone who has accessed the application on any platform. It's important to note that a user might be considered active in one workspace while being inactive in another. The user will be sent an email labeled "Action Required," which will inform them about their impending removal from the specific workspace due to their inactivity. This notification will be sent out two weeks, one week, and one day prior to the user's removal from the workspace.

In the event that a user is removed, they retain the option to be re-invited to the workspace through the standard invitation procedure. It's worth mentioning that their invitation and subsequent joining dates will be updated to reflect the most recent interaction.

Kindly reach out to your representative for the implementation process.

Workspace Management
Simplified Addition of Users to Multiple Projects in Workspace

The process of including a user as a member in various projects within a Workspace has been streamlined. The addition of Workspace members is exclusively facilitated through the "workspace management" segment. During the process of inviting new members, the Administrator has the ability to simultaneously designate the specific projects that the new member will contribute to.

It's important to be aware that the option to invite current members to a project using the Collaborator tab within the project is only applicable to those who are already part of the workspace.

Additionally, for members who are already a part of the Workspace, there is a straightforward method to invite them to pertinent projects directly from the Members section.

Add members to the workspace:

  1. Open the workspace management page.

  2. Navigate to the members tab.

  3. Click on "add members."

  4. A new window titled "inviting members" will appear.

    Members tab

  5. Enter the email addresses of the members (up to 5 at a time).

  6. Choose the appropriate roles:

    1. Training and Field

    2. Content Creating

    3. Administration

    4. Super Admin (yes/no)

  7. Select the relevant projects for the invited member.

Guidelines for Inviting Active Users to Workspace Projects

To invite active users to participate in projects within the workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Access the members tab located within Workspace Management.

  2. Locate the member you wish to invite to a project and choose the adjacent project option.

    Select the relevant project

  3. Opt for the desired project by selecting it.

  4. Confirm your selection by clicking the "Save" button.

    Select the relevant project

    Latest update: 07/08/2023

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