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Web Menu Collaborator Tab Explained

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The series on Web includes a tab named "Collaborators" which refers to all the users who are invited to access and engage with the project's content and analyze activities.

Collaborators section

Admins or fellow Project members can add collaborators to a project - see the article: Inviting a Collaborator to the Project for more information. It's worth noting that the role assigned to a collaborator at the Workspace level is the highest level of privilege they can be granted. This means that if a collaborator isn't granted content creation privileges at the Workspace level, they cannot be assigned those privileges at the product level.

It's important to note that collaborators can be invited to the project by someone other than the admin. But only if the collaborator is defined as user in the workspace.

If you need more information about user roles, please refer to the article on User Management.

Team Members

The section labeled "Team Members" displays all the users who have been invited to the project. In this section, the user's name is displayed under the "Name" column, which is based on the name provided when creating their account. Users who have been invited but haven't yet created their account in the Workspace are listed as "Pending". The other columns in this section indicate the role assigned to each user.


The "Roles" section provides a summary of the flow viewing permissions for each role. These permissions can be adjusted by selecting or deselecting folders or individual flows as needed.

Selected Test Flow

Deselected Test Flow

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