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Workspace Production: Staging
Workspace Production: Staging

Workflow: From Production to Released Content

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(user role: Workspace Owner or Admin)

The staging process outlines the journey of content, progressing from the development scene to the production workspace. This workflow involves four distinct workspaces, each dedicated to a specific stage in the content creation workflow. These workspaces facilitate a systematic and organized transition, ensuring the seamless deployment of content within the platform.

There will be 4 workspaces for each product line as follow





Content development

Content creators


Final testing

Testing team



All, no content creators



Workspace owner

Users and Owners

The new workspaces will have the same owner as the original one.

All other members in the original workspace will not be members in the new workspaces

Both initiator and approver should register at both workspaces: the source, and the target Workspace.

Note: Users can hold different roles in the different phases (workspaces)

Projects and Settings

Projects can be duplicated from the original Workspace into the new workspaces.

Publishing from one Workspace to another

In "workspace management" there is a tab: Deployment

This tab will be available only for the owner of the workspace.

  • Deployment between the workspaces will be done in the following logic:

    • "Dev" can deploy to "Test"

    • "Test" can deploy to "Production (AKA- original)"

    • "Production" can deploy to "Backup"

    • "Backup" can deploy to "Production"

How to..

Staging Set Up:

  1. Select Deployment Tab (under Workspace Management)

    A list of all the projects, in the Workspace, will be available

  2. For the initial configuration, select all the projects in the workspace. After the initial setup, only select those projects that require movement between different stages.

  3. Underneath the list there will be a deployment button

    By clicking the button: Deployment is done to the next Workspace according to the set up workflow.

  4. Repeat the steps 1 - 3 also for the Test Workspace

Following there will be 3 workspaces:

  1. Dev Workspace

  2. Test Workspace

  3. Production Workspace

Deployment Process

  1. Open the Dev or Test Workspace.

  2. Select the relevant projects for deployment to the Test or Production Workspace.

  3. Click the deployment button to the Workspace next in line.

Note: Deployment to the Production Workspace automatically triggers the creation of a Backup Workspace.

Back Up Workspace

The Backup Workspace is generated automatically. This backup workspace serves as a snapshot of the Production Workspace, consistently lagging one version behind. When a project is transferred from testing to production, it updates the backup workspace with the most recent project content from the production workspace, and the production workspace is updated with the latest from the Testing Workspace. Additionally, the backup workspace can be deployed to the production environment when necessary.


Deploying to the next workspace will do the following:

All projects selected will override into the next workspace




Project Owner



Digital Twins

Interactive Flows




Item Settings

Pay-Per-Session Permissions

Published yes/ no*

Folder Hierarchy


Planning & Control


* Editing history will be empty. Publishing history will have the last published version of the original workspace

Upon Completion

  • After deployment a status notification will show


  • The links and QR created for existing content will be maintained in the same Workspace

  • Links and QR codes for new content should be created

For implementing this feature: refer to your contact person

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