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Inactive user

An inactive user is characterized as an individual who has not engaged with the application on any platform to access a particular Workspace.

Indication arrows

Indication arrows are visual elements used to provide cues or pointers to guide users' attention or direct their focus toward specific parts and actions in a digital twin (environment) or flow.

(Location: enabled in Procedure Settings on Editing Web page or in the 3D Studio)

Interactive Flow

A dynamic sequence of actions, steps, or events within a digital platform where users can engage, interact, and navigate through content in a dynamic and user-driven manner.

Interactive Flow Builder

The Interactive Flow Builder is a tool that allows users to design, create, and customize interactive sequences or pathways within digital environments. It enables the creation of dynamic experiences by defining the order, actions, and interactions that users can engage with while navigating through digital content or applications.

(Location: Knowledge Base - Create an Item - Procedure (Interactive Flow) on the Web)

Interactive Flow Player

The Player provides the interface and controls for viewers to engage with the 3D Interactive Flows in a user-friendly manner.

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