Animation Manager

Efficiently Manage and Organize Animations

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Animation Manager

The Animation Manager has been enhanced with improved functionality and a more comprehensive set of features, making it easier to manage and oversee animations. This powerful tool enables you to interact with the new file system for each Digital Twin, providing seamless access to all available animations in your project.

With the Animation Manager, you can effortlessly navigate through your animations, gaining valuable insights such as the creator's information, date of creation, and even previewing the animations. This centralized hub empowers you to efficiently organize and oversee the animations associated with your Digital Twins, facilitating smoother collaboration and effective asset management for your project.

Animation Manager explained:

  1. Select the relevant Digital Twin.

  2. Click on "Edit animations" to open the Animation Manager in a pop-up window.

The Animation Manager pop-up window is divided into two sections:

Library Hierarchy Panel:

  • Displays a list of all the folders within the specific Digital Twin.

  • Selecting a folder will show its related content in the Animation List section.

  • Right-clicking on a folder allows you to rename or delete it. Note that deleting a folder will also delete its children (folders and animations).

Animation List Section:

  • Contains the following columns:

    • Name: Name of the animation.

    • Type: Indicates whether it was created using the SDK or Animation Builder.

    • Creation Date: Date of creation.

    • Last Edited: Date of the last edit.

    • Last Edited By: Name of the user who last edited the animation.

    • Used In: Number of flows that include the animation.

For animations with a preview available, there will be a preview button at the end of each row. When hovering over the button, a small player will display the preview video of the animation.

For animations created with the Animation Builder, there will be a "More" button after the preview button. Clicking on the "More" button opens a menu with the following options:

  • Edit

  • Rename

  • Delete

Learn more about the Animation Builder in our article: Animation Builder Explained

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