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Getting Started with Animation Builder
Getting Started with Animation Builder

Start here to understand the basics.

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If you've found your way here, it's because you're interested in crafting your own animations featuring your digital twin. The Animation Builder is designed with users in mind who may not have any prior experience in the world of animation or 3D software.

Our Animation Builder is here to assist you in creating straightforward animations that you can seamlessly integrate into your projects, allowing your clients to experience them in their procedures.

But how do you access the Animation Builder? Where can you find it?

Preparation Steps:

Before diving into animation creation, there are three essential prerequisites you must ensure are met:

  1. You should be designated as a content creator role to use the Animation Builder tool.

  2. The PC application must be successfully installed on your computer.

  3. Your digital twin should be visible and accessible through the PC application.

Accessing the Animation Builder:

Once you've confirmed that the necessary prerequisites are in place, you can proceed to open the Animation Builder. There are two distinct methods for accessing it through the Frontline web interface, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Method 1: Accessing from the Digital Twin

  1. Navigate to the Knowledge Base and access the Digital Twin dashboard.

  2. On the left side of the dashboard, you'll find the "Edit Animations" button.

  3. Clicking this button will open the Animation Manager, where you can view all the animations associated with your digital twin.

  4. To create a new animation, simply click on the "Create New Item" (Red button) and then select "New Animation." This action will open the Animation Builder.

Method 2: Accessing from the Flow Editor

  1. Launch the Flow Builder.

  2. Add a Node to your project.

  3. Open the Node sidebar.

  4. Within the Interactions option, click on the Plus button.

  5. Select "Create New Interaction."

  6. Opting for "Create New Interaction" will lead you to the Interaction Builder, where you can access the Animation Builder functionality.


Our Animation Builder is your tool for creating animations without any prior animation or 3D software experience. To get started, ensure you meet the three prerequisites, and in our next article, we'll guide you through using the app step by step. Happy animating!

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