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Interactive Flows: Connect an Animation
Interactive Flows: Connect an Animation
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Connect an Animation to an Interactive Flow

Any interaction or animation created will be stored within the project of its origin and can be reused by other users within that same project.

Required: Permission to view the relevant Digital Twin

How to access the Animations:

  1. Open Flow Builder

  2. Add Node

  3. Open the Node side bar

  4. Select: the "+" of Interactions

    All animations related to the connected Digital Twin will be displayed in the User Defined Interactions folder within the library.

    To view newly added interactions: Click the refresh icon to add the interactions to the library folders.

    Note: If the Interactive Flow is not linked to a Digital Twin model, no animations will be visible. To establish a connection with a Digital Twin, refer to the article on Connect a Digital Twin

  5. Preview the animation by hovering over the play icon

  6. Select the relevant Animation

  7. Select: Add Selected Interaction

  8. The library will close and the Animation is now connected to the Node


To personalize the settings of the Interactive Flow Player, consult the information provided in the Player Attributes article.


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