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Manage your tasks and To Do's by using the "Tasks" feature

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On the main menu, there is a tab labeled "Tasks". Here, users can manage action items within the project by generating tasks, assign tasks related to the project and Interactive Flows. Tasks can be assigned to a specific user, with an included due date, Interactive Flow, and illustrations. When a new task is created, the assigned user will receive a notification.

Create a New Task

  1. Click on "+ Add a Task" button

  2. Fill in the required fields on the right-hand menu, including selecting the relevant member, due date, procedure, and project.

  3. If applicable, add a sub-task or checklist to the task.

  4. Click "Save" to create the new task.

  5. After being saved, the task can be edited, including its comments and checklists.

  6. The new task will appear on the main page.

  7. Tasks can be searched for using the search function.


The "Tasks" tab on the main menu provides a useful feature for managing action items within a project. By allowing users to generate and assign tasks related to the project and Interactive Flows, this feature enables a streamlined and organized approach to task management.

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