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Examine the Utilization of Knowledge Assets in Your Project

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The Analytics tab, located in the main menu, enables users with Admin roles and Usage Analysts to generate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and export them to Excel. Users can also access details on a specific session, including its duration, pass/fail status, scoring, and completion status. Furthermore, the Analytics tab provides information on viewer input when an input note was utilized in an Interactive Flow.

Select the relevant period or users for your report and download the results

Configure automatic generated reports

  1. Select the frequency of your report

  2. Attach user

  3. Select the required fields

  4. Save input

Click on the name of the relevant procedure for more detailed info of the event.

Session Review will provide the following info:

  • User name

  • Name of Interactive Flow

  • Date

  • Duration

  • Language

  • Device

You can either choose to review the logs or media that the user added to the Interactive Flow, check the number of viewers per step for the steps that were viewed, or review the recorded session.

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