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When you open a project on, the first page you'll see is the Dashboard. It provides a complete summary of the project's current status, including team members, their roles, reporting tasks, and other important details. Let's take a closer look at the Dashboard and explore its various features.

You can easily access Remote Support, 3D Studio, and My Projects from the top bar at any time, no matter which tab you're currently browsing.

(please note that the top bar may appear differently depending on your user role.)

In addition, the top bar also includes Tasks and Notifications.
Tasks help manage activities on, while Notifications provide updates on published content and other relevant information.

This feature is particularly useful for Admin users, as it can display important information to approve users or enable Pay-Per-Session.

You can also access your Account Settings from the top bar's right corner. For more information about your Avatar and Account Settings, please read the article on Avatar Settings.

Short Cuts

The Dashboard also displays statistics on published procedures, the total number of flows viewed, and the most popular flows.

You can view these statistics by day, week, or month. On the main page, you can see the project's team members, Last Updated tasks, and recent sessions.

To edit any feature, simply click on the pencil icon next to it, and you'll be directed to the relevant tab.


In conclusion,'s Dashboard is a powerful tool for managing and organizing projects. It provides a complete overview of a project's status, with easy access to important features and shortcuts. By using the Dashboard's statistics and main page, you can monitor team members, report tasks, and recent sessions, helping to keep your project on track.

To learn more about the next tab on the (left) Operation Menu; the Knowledge Base Tab, please refer to the corresponding Knowledge Base article.

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