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How to create a procedure in Unity
How to create a procedure in Unity
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A Procedure is made of interactions, you can create interactions following these steps:

This video shows the process of creating a procedure:

A Procedure is made of interactions, you can create a sequence of interactive animations. in this example, we will remove the fuel tank of the generator in the video above. website

  1. Login to the website and select your workspace. after that select an existing project or create a new one.

  2. go to knowledge base in the side menu, click the new item button, and choose to create a new procedure.

  3. Edit the procedure.
    in here we will direct the flow of the procedure by connecting nodes, each node contains an interaction.

  4. lets create the first node, and by double clicking we will edit its title, we will call it. "Remove bolts".

  5. now, create the second node and connect it to the first one, call it "Remove fuel hose".

  6. finally, create the third node and call it "Remove fuel tank".

  7. You can now press save to backup the procedure, anyways, it would save automatically.

  8. When you are done with editing the procedure, and want to start the animation process, switch to Unity with your model. If you don't have a project set up, refer to 3D Studio work flow


Step by step:

1. At the top menu go to LLS>Interactions Menu


2. Add a new interaction

3. Name the interaction and press the Done button.

4. The procedure will be added to the Hierarchy under Interactions.


5. Move to your desired camera angle, then select the interaction's Location object and press Shift+Ctrl+F, It will set the interaction's camera to that location (can only be viewed in play mode):


6. Repeat steps 1-5 to create additional interactions.


7. Choose the interaction from the Hierarchy.


8. Open the Timeline window under Window > Sequencing > Timeline and lock it.

9. Create your animation. for Unity Timeline animation tutorials please visit

11. Open the Interaction menu from the top menu>LLS>Interaction menu

12. Choose the Interactions you created at the Hierarchy and
Update & Sync All buttons at the Interaction menu.


13. Save your work.

When you are done you can Upload Your model to the Frontline app.


Models are not highlighted when testing the procedure
​Cause: "Highlight" models are not set.

  1. Select the interaction object in scene

  2. In the inspector, look for the "Activator Objects" field

  3. Drag the objects you wish to highlight into the list

  4. The models should now act as an "Interactive object" and the interaction will wait until the user has pressed on the object, when play testing.

Interactions are not updated when play testing
​Cause: Interactions might not be linked to the server

Sometimes interactions might lose their "link" to the ones that have already been uploaded to the server.

  1. Select the interaction object in scene

  2. Open the Interaction Menu ( LLS > Interactions Menu )

  3. Find the relevant interaction in the Interactions menu

  4. While the related interaction object is select, press on the "Link" button next to the interaction in the list.

  5. Check that it is linked by clicking on the interaction in the interactions menu, if this action selects an object in the scene, it means they are connected.

  6. Save the scene

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