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Create a multi-choice Interaction
Create a multi-choice Interaction
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In some cases, when there are repeating models in a machine, such as an array of bolts on a panel, a multi-choice interaction should come useful:

  1. First, create a multi choice node in the node editor, add a title an description.

  2. Connect it to empty interaction nodes, each node contains an interaction with a choice for a different model in the array, so the number of nodes should be the number of choices you would want.

  3. Connect each one of these to the next step in the interaction.

  4. Switch to Unity, In here, if the object has an animation, we would use the object that is animated in the next steps, and offset it so we don't repeat the animation for every choice.

  5. Create an interaction for each choice, and every one of these will offset the animated object and hide the object that is not animated.

  6. For the first choice, we will take the animated model and move it to the second model's position, then hide the original second model.

  7. For the second choice, move the animated model to the original third model's position, and hide the original third screw.

  8. Repeat this for every one of the choices.

  9. Upload the interactions.

  10. In web, refresh the node editor, and connect each interaction to a different choice.

  11. To test these choices, go to Unity and play test the procedure, you should now be seeing the model positioned at the select choice original position.

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