Importing your 3d model
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To import your 3d model into the 3D Studio:

* 3D Studio supports FBX, OBJ, GLTF2, STL, PLY, 3MF file types for 3D models.

* If don't have the correct file type, use the Converting CAD Files to Frontline Models article to proceed.

1. Drag your 3d model into Unity's Project Tab, or go to Assets > Import New Asset under the top menu


2. Create a new scene under File > New Scene and select Basic

3. Drag the 3d model into your scene, make sure its transform values are zero when selecting the model:


4. Right click on your 3d model in the Hierarchy tab, select LLS > Set Frontline Scene


5. Select a location to save your scene.

You can now press Play (under Edit > Play) and interact with your 3D model.

You can now create your first procedure with your model.


Materials and Colors are not editable
โ€‹Cause: Materials are not extracted from the FBX File.

  1. In the project window, select your FBX file

  2. When selected, in the "Materials" tab, click "Extract Materials"


  3. Select a location in your project to extract the materials into (into a "Materials" folder is preferred)

  4. Select the model in scene.

  5. Open the material in the inspector. it should now be editable.

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