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How to Upload a Model to from 3D Studio
How to Upload a Model to from 3D Studio
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Currently, your model can only be accessed through Unity. In order for others to be able to see it in the Application, we need to build and upload it.

  1. At the top menu go to LLS > Frontline Builder.

    In this window, you can manage and upload the scenes in your project.

  2. Add a new asset bundle card, by pressing the "Add" button.

    Asset bundles are files that include all of the relevant materials for the selected scenes in one file.

  3. In the asset bundle card, select the correct asset bundle that you wish to upload.

  4. To upload it right from the 3D Studio you have to be logged in.

  5. After logging in the option to upload it will be visible.

  6. In the asset bundles dropdown, Select the item that you wish to update the file into (you can also create a new item)

  7. Tick the checkboxes that you want to build for.

    Notice that support for more platforms can be installed through the Unity Hub.

  8. Once you are ready to build the file and upload it, make sure to save the scene and press the Build button.

    The building might take a long time, from a minute to more than an hour, depending on the complexity of the model.

  9. Once the build is complete, there will be a popup to let you know.

  10. After building and uploading the asset bundle, go to the Frontline application and test your Digital Twin.


The build failed and did not finish
​Cause: Errors in the console log

Note that if the build failed for any reason, you should go to Window>General>Console and briefly go over the errors it states. If you are not sure what caused the error, please send an email to [email protected] and send us an image of your console errors.

The build finished but did not upload to the item
​Cause: Logged out while building

You might have been logged out while building the asset bundle, or another connection issue might have happened. Try to upload the file again. (You can only press on the "Publish only" button to upload the last build without having to build it again.

Some platforms do not exist in frontline builder
​Cause: The platform module is not installed in Unity.
Install it through Unity Hub under the name "Universal Windows Platform build Support", refer to installing Unity for more information.

There's a red error icon next to the asset bundle


Solution: Check the asset bundle labels

This means that there are multiple assets in the project that share an asset bundle label.
It is required that only the model's Scene asset have the asset bundle label
To fix this:

  1. Find the other asset that has the asset bundle label

  2. Remove the label from the asset.

  3. Verify that only the active scene has the asset bundle label you wish to build


Asset Bundle Label location

The other reason for this is that there's no scene in the project that holds the Asset bundle label.
To fix this:

  1. Select your model's scene

  2. In the bottom right corner, select the asset label dropdown

  3. Select the correct asset label or create a new one

  4. Select the asset bundle again in the Frontline Builder

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