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Converting CAD Files to Models
Converting CAD Files to Models
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The 3D Studio supports only FBX file types, it is likely that CAD software will export data as .STEP/.STP.

Please note that when exporting the CAD from the CAD software the following settings should be set:

STEP Format should be STEP AP214

There are multiple ways to convert a CAD to FBX:

Converting through Pixyz

One of the best solutions for transforming CAD into a model comes with Pixyz :

  1. Register and create a licensed account at

  2. Download and install Pixyz

  3. Download our script for a fast transformation process in Pixyz. (please contact the support team for the file)

  4. Extract the zip and Import the script to Pixyz by dragging the file called "" into Pixyz

  5. Import the model by dragging the file into Pixyz (using RAW import mode)

  6. In pixyz "Scripting" window, press the play button to run the script or use hotkey CTRL+E

  7. Wait for the script to finish executing

  8. When the model is ready, export from Pixyz as an FBX type

  • There is other software that can convert CAD types to FBX, and the Pixyz pipeline has proven to be the most efficient.

You can ask also our support for uploading or converting your files. Please, contact your the team for support.

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