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Interconnecting to docebo (LMS)
Interconnecting to docebo (LMS)
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Interconnecting with docebo LMS and docebo LMS full integration enables running tasks from docebo and getting feedback back to docebo, this guide is divided into two parts.

  • Obtain link at to be implemented in docebo

  • Implement a link at docebo

Obtaining a link from

  1. Log in to web application

  2. Locate and select the Digital Twin model you would like to use in the course.


3. Click on "Share" button


4. Copy link

    1. Select mode

    2. Select procedure

    3. Press “Copy link”


5. This is the link to be used in docebo

Implementing link at docebo

  1. Log in to docebo

  2. Go to “Admin menu”


3. Scroll down and under settings list, press on “Advanced settings”


4. Click on “E-Learning”


5. In “xAPI (tin can) external content” area you add all links of procedures (From you will want to use (Click here to see how to obtain links in

    1. Insert link

    2. Press “Add”

    3. When done inserting all links press “save”


6. Go back to the main page and create a course. Under “training material” tab, add “xAPI (tin can)”


7. Select from URL checkbox


8. Add a link from the links uploaded in step 4

    1. Select URL

    2. Press “save changes

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