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Publish Content Using a Deep Link

(Relevance: Content Creators, Advanced Content Creators)

There are multiple ways to run Interactive Flows (aka Procedures) at

  • Direct access to the application and clicking on the relevant flow

  • Opening the Digital twin Model and run Flows using the Procedure button

  • Using QR code

  • Using Deep Link

Deep link is useful for:

  • Inside 3RD party applications such as LMS

  • Send direct link to end users

How to create a deep link:

  1. Select the relevant Digital Twin

  2. Click on the Share button

  3. additional Share Settings:

    • Select Web and App for Web and mobile devices

  4. Select or deselect Attributes

    • Deselecting Attributes will show the Interactive Flow without the player

  5. Click on: No procedure Selected under Starting Procedure. A window will open with all the procedures available in the project.

  6. Select the relevant procedure. A popup will indicate that the link will open with the relevant procedure.

  7. Copy link

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