User Management - Policy
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Overview offers solutions, for content creation, remote support, and training. The user can enjoy all these capabilities has to offer. However, not all these solutions are available to all users. In this policy, we will outline the user levels, and user management within


The purpose of this policy is to outline the user management on a workspace level. And to understand the expectations and responsibilities of the workspace owner/ administrator from both sides, the customer, and LLS.


The user management covers, the following topics:

  • Operating area; the Workspace within

  • User roles and clarification

  • LLS Administration and contracts. (LLS users (out). Back office (user space and number of users)

  • How to add and define users


This document applies to all users, who start and are working with, companies, decision makers and the users, Administrators and Workspace owners.


What is a workspace?

Every customer has a dedicated area within, the workspace.

Inside a workspace, the customer can define one or more projects. A project can contain Digital Twins, and Interactive Flows. The Support tools, Remote Support, and the Virtual Training Room, are operated, from within the workspace. This since the Interactive Flows and Digital Twins are used by the Support Tools from that particular Workspace.

Authority and access control policy

In the contract between the customer and LLS, will be indicated the amount of workspaces and the amount and kind of users. After signing of the contract LLS will open the workspace. The workspace is available to the customer according to the date stated in the contract. The extension, and renewal of the Workspace is done by LLS including extending the amount of users. These activities are all done in the management system owned by LLS and not accessible to customers.

By opening the Workspace, LLS is automatically the owner and Administrator. Management of the Workspace should be done by the customer. Therefor, Admin rights will be assigned to a dedicated user assigned by the customer. The admin manages the Workspace and adds users and manages the user levels.

LLS will stay the Workspace owner. Under certain circumstances, LLS will have one or more users inside the workspace. They are defined as Advanced Content creators for content creation purposes as agreed upon by both parties. (These users are not counted as users.) Besides content creation, LLS will not manage the Workspace unless agreed otherwise by both parties.

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