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Getting Started: Interactive Flow - Player Attributes
Getting Started: Interactive Flow - Player Attributes

The first steps: from setting up your workspace, creating and to publishing Interactive Flows

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Getting Started

Step 7: Player Attributes

The current Step 7, of the process is focused on Player Attributes. provides a variety of options for the (Advanced) Content Creator to customize how the viewer will perceive the Interactive Flows. As we covered in Step 4, there are different Modes options and Nodes available within the flow. Now, we will delve into the specifics of Player Settings. These attributes can be configured on a per-flow basis, depending on the type of flow created. Simply choose the relevant settings to suit your needs.

  • Play video on display - video will play automatically when displayed in the step

  • Move to step on selection - after selection (of split point) the flow will move to the next step automatically

  • Read step header

  • Read step description out loud by default

  • Wait for TTS before next step - next step becomes available after TTS is completed

  • Allow users to add notes - notes and images can be added to the flow, which are later shown in session review

  • Show procedure summary - show summary text at end of the flow

  • Allow users to skip over steps

  • Indication arrows - show indication arrows as hints for elements outside the camera

  • Camera movement speed between step(s) - indicate duration in seconds

Interactive Flow - Edit Settings - Player Attributes

Player Attributes

Best Practices:

  • If the node contains only text, images or a video the viewer needs to click next in the bottom menu of the player to move to the next step. In the node, a standard Continue button can be added which will show above the Bottom player.

  • Ensure that the end node of an activity or flow shows the same camera view as the beginning scene to create a clear beginning and end.

  • Create a consistent behavior for the player attributes: create one behavior for Training Flows, and Tests Flows and other kind of flows.

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