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Animation Builder - Camera Setup
Animation Builder - Camera Setup

Part 01: Learn how to set up the camera.

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Welcome to the Animation Builder. You've successfully gained access to this tool, and now you can begin exploring its features. In this article, we'll guide you through the essential first step: setting up your camera.

Directing the Shot with Precision:

As the director of your short animation, your initial responsibilities include deciding where to position the camera, determining the distance from the moving part, and selecting the most suitable angle.

At the top-left corner of the Animation Builder, you'll find the "Save View" button (Colored blue). When you hover over this button, your view transforms into a camera frame. This enables you to navigate around the object and select the angle that best fits your animation's needs. To preserve your chosen camera angle, simply click on "Save View."

You can make changes to your initial angle selection at any time during the animation process, so there's no need to worry if you're not satisfied with it.

Once you've saved your view, you can proceed to the next step. However, if you happen to forget the camera angle you've chosen, don't worry. You can always click on the "Show View" button (it will appear at the top after the initial camera setup). Clicking this button will return your view to the camera perspective.


Learning how to set up your camera is a crucial first step in animation. With the option to save and review your chosen camera angle, you have a handy feature to improve your animations. So, go ahead, explore the Animation Builder, and have fun experimenting with your creative ideas. Happy animating!

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