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frontline's Animation Builder: Your Animation Starter Kit
frontline's Animation Builder: Your Animation Starter Kit
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frontline's Animation Builder simplifies animation creation, even if you've never worked with 3D software before. We've prepared a series of articles to help you master it:


  1. Getting Started with Animation Builder: Start here to understand the basics.

  2. Camera Setup (Part 1): Learn how to set up the camera.

  3. Parts, Groups, and Pivots (Part 2): Understanding how to select parts, grouping, and pivot adjustments.

  4. Creating Animations (Part 3): Discover how to animate your parts.

  5. Finishing your Animation (Part 4): Extra features such as naming, highlights, and more.

Feel free to follow the articles in order or jump to the one that suits your needs. frontline's Animation Builder makes animation accessible and straightforward.

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