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The Settings section provides users with additional control over their projects. While there may not be a great deal to do in this section, users may need to access it for certain changes.

Project Info

Within the Project Info section, you can view important project details such as the Project ID, Project Name, and a brief description (if one has been added). You also have the ability to edit this information, allowing you to keep it up-to-date and relevant.

Another useful feature of the Project Info section is the ability to add a Cover Photo for the project. This allows you to add a personalized touch to your project and makes it easy to identify on the main screen of your workspace.

3D and Procedure Connecting:

In the 3D and Procedure Connecting section, you have the option to select a default digital twin that will be applied to all new procedures. This helps to streamline your workflow and ensure consistency across your project.

Additionally, this section provides you with an overview of all the digital twins that are currently present in your project and which procedures they are connected to. This gives you greater control and visibility over your project, allowing you to easily identify which digital twins will be affected if you make changes or delete certain procedures.

Contact Info

The Contact Info section allows you to add your project contact information, such as your name, phone number, and email address. This information can be edited at any time and is useful for allowing people to get in touch with you regarding the project.

Default Settings

In the Default Settings section, you can determine whether a new role or all roles in a new procedure will be permitted by default or not. You can choose to set this to either "Permitted" or "Not Permitted." This setting helps to streamline the process of creating new procedures and ensures that the appropriate permissions are set from the outset.


In conclusion, the Settings section of your project provides you with greater control and flexibility. You can update important project information, add a personalized touch with a Cover Photo, and streamline your workflow by selecting a default digital twin.

You can also provide contact information for your project and set default permissions for new roles and procedures. By utilizing the Settings section, you can make your project management experience more efficient and organized.

For details regarding the Collaborators on the project level (Tab on Operation Menu), consult the article Collaborators (Web).


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