Release Notes Version 22.3.1 - 10 for Web

(User role relevance: (Advanced) Content Creators)

Collaboration capabilities are a must in as a service solution because they enable effective teamwork and communication among customer service and support representatives. Real-time collaboration capabilities, such as Remote Support and the Virtual Training Room, allow customer service representatives to share information and make decisions more quickly and efficiently.

Also collaboration for content creation is a must because it allows multiple perspectives and skill sets to come together to produce a more well-rounded and polished final product. This new version of with the new collaboration capabilities, like shared editing in the Interactive Flow Builder, now also offers Content Creators the option to collaborate while creating incredible content.

The new features introduced in are mainly shown in and the Interactive Flow Builder:

  • Feature

    • Knowledge base items - Collaboration capabilities

      • On the web, the item dashboard shows each editing tool. Content creators can open the tool button to edit the item

      • Any time a tool is used and the item is updated (by closing the tool\ pressing save\ etc.), an "Editing version" is created and will automatically be available as a version. Versions are available for roll back.

      • When a content creator opens a tool for editing they will receive the latest "Editing version" saved of that item


Digital Twin - New dashboard UI

Interactive Flow Builder

  • Feature:

    • Collaboration capabilities

      • Multiple users can open the flow editor tool on a specific item at once.

      • On the header of the flow builder page there will be an avatar of every user that has the flow builder open for that specific item

        • Every avatar will have a different color

    • All users will be able to see each others mouse movement on the canvas

      Other users mouse color, will be synced with the avatar color in the header

    • If one of the users has selected a node\s:

      • Other users will see that specific node\s with a border the same color as the user that selected it

      • While a user is selected on a node, other users cannot select that node as well


Interactive Flow Builder - multiple content creators working on the same flow

  • All changes done in the flow builder will be seen immediately by all users

  • Publish will reset the edit version numbers and start a new session for any users currently in the flow builder.


Interactive Flow - New Dashboard UI

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