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Getting Started: Create Content for Multiple Devices
Getting Started: Create Content for Multiple Devices

The first steps: from setting up your workspace to Interactive Flows

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Getting Started

Step 5: Create Content for Multiple Devices

Previous Step 4 involved creating an Interactive Flow.

Now, we move on to Step 5 where we focus on creating content that can be accessed on multiple devices. The content created by can be viewed on various devices such as PCs, mobile devices, VR devices, HoloLens 2, and Magic Leap. This means that content creators need to create the content only once.

In this step, we will explore the advantages of each device and how to ensure that the content is optimized for all devices.

Running Flows on the PC App or Web have the full advantages that has to offer when there is no need for mobility. Something that is a big advantage when using mobile devices. There is no need for specific attention when creating the flow for PC APP or Web.

However, mobile devices generally have smaller screen sizes. continuously improves the adaptiveness of the application and flows when releasing new features. In addition, the flows should be designed avoiding big chunks of text that can interfere with the viewers focus on the interactive steps. But this is in general true for all devices.

The 3D model and highlights provide the viewer with orientation and a clear understanding of which action is required, allowing for descriptive text to be minimized.

VR devices offer an immersive experience, engaging the viewer in a virtual environment. This creates the impression that the technician is actually performing maintenance next to the machine.

HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap are AR devices that display a moving hologram layer on top of the real environment. The title and descriptive text appear in a floating window and are read aloud. The machine part is displayed as a hologram layer in the exact location of that part. It is important to note that when showing flows in AR devices, essential content should be highlighted, for example, by using a Warning Node pop-up. The viewer may become so engaged with performing maintenance that text can go unnoticed.

Check out the Hardware Recommendations for information about the different operating systems and hardware. For our findings using the HoloLens 2 please refer to: Using the HoloLens 2

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