Using on the different hardware devices

Hardware Recommendations offers many solutions like, 3D Learning modules, 3D procedures for Service, Virtual training rooms, Remote Support, Part Catalogs, Site Preparation and Configurators.

The solutions run on all devices. However, due to the number of devices available, versions and capabilities of each device, we provide a list of preferred devices and capabilities, to receive the best viewing experience and quality, while running

Please note that the device performances are affected from both the device specifications and the device conditions including background applications and free memory.

Operating Systems

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Windows

Mobile phones

  • Android

    • Due to the huge variety of Android mobile devices, LLS recommends evaluating Android mobile using 3DMARK, using 3DMARK FOR ANDROID WILD LIFE PERFORMANCE

    • A performance index of 2,000 or higher is recommended for good results

    • A performance index of 1,000 to 2,000 will enable satisfactory fictionality

    • Follow this link to evaluate your mobile

  • iPhone

    • iPhone X or above. Minimum memory 6GB.

    • iOS 15.X and up


  • Samsung TabS7 or newer

  • iPad pro 3rd / iPad Air 2022 generation or newer

Mobile and Tablet memory

  • Recommended 6GB


  • Please, contact Customer Support

Windows PC

  • Recommended configuration: intel i5 core or stronger, 16GB or more

  • Platform: Windows 10 and up

Virtual Reality Glasses

  • Please, contact Customer Support


  • HoloLens 2 Team

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