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Join a Remote Support Call
Join a Remote Support Call
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The frontline app simplifies remote support and collaboration by providing an easy-to-use platform for connecting with colleagues, clients, or technical experts. To participate in a remote support call, you can either use a direct link provided to you or manually enter the Meeting ID and Password if you have that information. We'll walk you through both methods in this guide.

How to Join a Remote Support Call

Method 1: Joining with a Direct Link

  1. Receive the Direct Link: If you've been given a direct link to join a remote support call, simply click on the link. Ensure that you have the frontline app installed on your device before clicking the link.

  2. App Launch: Clicking the link will prompt your device to open the frontline app automatically. If you're not already logged in, you might need to log in or provide any required credentials.

  3. Automatic Redirection: Once the app is opened, you will be automatically redirected to the room or call associated with the link. You are now part of the remote support call.

Method 2: Joining Manually

  1. Open the frontline App: Launch the frontline app on your device.

  2. Select "Remote Support": Navigate to the "Remote Support" section within the app. This section typically contains various support-related functions, including the option to join a remote support call.

  3. Choose "Join Meeting": Look for the "Join Meeting" option within the "Remote Support" section and select it.

  4. Enter the Meeting ID: You will now be prompted to insert the Meeting ID. Ensure that you have the correct Meeting ID provided to you by the meeting organizer.

  5. Insert Password: The remote support call has a password for added security, enter it in the appropriate field.

  6. Join the Meeting: After entering the Meeting ID (and password if needed), click the "Join" or equivalent button. You will now be connected to the ongoing remote support call.


Joining a remote support call in the frontline app is a straightforward process, whether you have a direct link or need to manually enter the Meeting ID and Password. These steps ensure that you can quickly and efficiently connect with your colleagues, clients, or technical experts, allowing you to collaborate effectively and address any challenges that arise in a remote setting.

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