Joining a Remote Support Call through the Web

  • Access to remote support call in the browser using the received deep link. (The deep link is created by scheduling a call or being available during a call currently in progress)

  • Once the link is clicked the user will be directed to a web page giving them the ability to choose from the following 3 options:

    • Download app

    • Continue call in the browser

    • Open in

Continue call in the browser

Once clicking on "continue in browser" the user is redirected to a "Join call page" with the following abilities:

  • Prematurely mute and stop video sharing

  • Insert their name in the text field

  • Press the "Join" button (is enabled only after the user inserts a name)


  • Annotations on the screen are available but the annotations will be only on screen and not locked to a real object

  • Chat is available to all users in the call

  • Call info is available to all users on the call


Users joining the call using the application enjoy more capabilities than web users:

  • App users can add participants or view the list of participants

  • App users can minimize the application, in this case, the call screens

  • App users can share their screen

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