Adding Hot Spots
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Hot spots are a way to show parts of the model with ease of access, the user can move through multiple hot spots and view parts of the model quickly.
To create a Hot Spot:

  1. Create a new Game Object, you can rename it for ease of use.

  2. To set the position for the Hot Spot Select the hot spot object, press Control Shift F to snap the object your current camera view, then move it to the desired location.

  3. Select your main device. that is the object called Devices. Go to the Device Locations field, and press on the plus Icon. This will create a Hot spot element,

  4. Open it. Add a name. this will be the name of the Hot Spot, You can write the name of the Hot Spot Object. In the Position field select and drag the Hot Spot object.

  5. Set the Z Distance to 1. This value defines how many meters the camera will move back from its pivot.

  6. Test it in play mode - Press on Hot spots in the main menu, and see that the camera's position is now 1 meter from the center of the model, and rotating around it.

  7. You can repeat this process to create more Hot spots and cycle through them.
    You can even add an action to happen when pressing on the hot spot. For example play an animation when switching to this hot spot:

  8. press on the plus icon in the On move to location field, Select your Animation object, drag it to the empty field, and select the play option.

  9. Now when we go to the hot spot in play mode, the animation will be played.

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