Hot spots (locations)
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Digital Twin models come alive with the addition of hot spots, which are a fantastic feature allowing users to effortlessly move to different locations or viewpoints in the scene. These hot spots are added by Advanced Content Creators inside the 3D Studio (SDK).

To transition between hot spots, you've got a few simple choices: directly click on the hot spot itself, use the navigation arrows, or access the list and pick a location. It's really that straightforward! So, if you're eager to navigate your Digital Twin model and explore different areas seamlessly, hot spots are the way to go.

Additional Options:

  • Show annotations: This reveals the hotspots' numbers on the screen.

  • Always show description: When enabled, this feature displays the hotspot names alongside their respective numbers.

  • Cycle Hotspots: This handy feature lets you navigate through your hotspots sequentially, with the ability to adjust the time interval for switching between them.

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