Troubleshooting: Importing the SDK
Updated over a week ago

If encountered any issue when importing the SDK into Unity, check one of the following solutions:

Problem: LLS Menu item is not shown.


Cause 1: Incorrect Unity Version

This means the package was not imported correctly. Check that your Unity version is exactly as stated here (Installing Unity). Also, follow the guide exactly as the steps are shown while creating a new project.

Cause 2: Console Log Errors

Sometimes there are errors in Unity's console log. To open the console log go to Window > General > Console Log. In the console log, check that there are no red errors. a problematic red error can be revealed after pressing the "Clear" button and still seeing the same error:


If the error persists after clicking "Clear", there may be a specific error that prevents the SDK from running. In this case, please contact our support to solve the specific error.

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