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How to create a Virtual Training Room
How to create a Virtual Training Room
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The frontline app offers an intuitive platform for creating and hosting virtual training rooms. These rooms allow you to educate and engage with participants in a dynamic and interactive environment. Whether you're conducting employee training, product demonstrations, or educational workshops, this guide will help you get started with ease.

How to Create a Virtual Training Room

Method 1: Using a Digital Twin Model

  1. Open the Relevant Digital Twin:

    • Launch the frontline app on your device.

    • Navigate to the relevant digital twin model that you want to use as the centerpiece of your training room.

  2. Select "More" Button:

    • Once you have the digital twin model open, locate and click on the "More" button (3 dots button).

  3. Create Virtual Training Room:

    • In the "More" menu, you will find the option "Create Virtual Training Room." Click on this option to initiate the room creation process.

  4. Enter the Virtual Training Room:

    • After selecting "Create Virtual Training Room," you will be immediately placed inside the virtual training room. Here, you can begin your training session and even invite more users to join the room.

Method 2: Starting with Room Creation

  1. Open the Frontline App:

    • Launch the frontline app on your device.

  2. Select "Virtual Room":

    • In the app's menu, locate and select the "Virtual Room" option. This is where you can initiate the room creation process.

  3. Choose the Relevant Digital Twin:

    • Inside the virtual room creation menu, you will have the option to choose the relevant digital twin model for your training. Select the appropriate digital twin.

  4. Load and Open the Room:

    • Once you've selected the digital twin, the room will load and open immediately. You are now inside the virtual training room and ready to start your training session.


Creating a virtual training room in the frontline app is a flexible and user-friendly process, offering two distinct methods to suit your training needs. Whether you prefer to build your room around an existing digital twin model or start with room creation itself, Frontline empowers you to deliver effective training experiences to your audience.

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