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When we or our colleagues set up a virtual training room, sharing the Meeting ID, password, or direct link is essential for inviting participants. This guide will show you how to easily share and join these virtual training sessions.

Getting Started

To begin, head to the Virtual Training tab. At the top of the screen, you'll see a button that says "Join Room."

Clicking this button opens a small window. Here, you'll need to enter the Virtual Room ID.

Once you've entered the correct ID, you'll instantly access the digital twin and enter the virtual training room.

Joining a room from the app is a simple way to access a virtual room, but where can I see the ID number of the Room?

Virtual Training Room - ID number

The room ID number of a virtual training room can be found in the participant's panel (Avatar icon).

Clicking on the icon next to the number will copy it to your clipboard, which will subsequently allow you to paste and share that number with others.

The ID number is necessary to access the room when not entering via a direct link.

Scheduling a Virtual Training

To schedule a virtual training session, head to the virtual room tab. Look for the "Schedule Meeting" button at the top-right corner.

Clicking this button lets you pick a date, time, and digital twin for your session.

Once the meeting is set up, you can copy the Meeting Link and Meeting ID to share with others.


To sum up, virtual training rooms require clear ways to invite participants. Sharing Meeting IDs, passwords, or direct links is crucial. You can easily access a room by heading to the Virtual Training tab and clicking "Join Room." If you're wondering about the Room ID number, it's in the participant's panel – just click the icon to copy it. Scheduling a session is also straightforward: use the "Schedule Meeting" button, choose a date and digital twin, then share the Meeting Link and Meeting ID for others to join.

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