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Version release content - Release Notes: Version 1.6.0 (August 29th, 2021) - Release Notes: Version 1.6.0 (August 29th, 2021)
Updated over a week ago Apps -1.6.0


  • Input nodes in 3D procedures added

  • Sub-systems added, breaking-down and categorizing of the digital twin model

  • Improved encryption of all digital twin models

  • Hands pointing animation added to the avatar in virtual training room

  • Hot spots: Ability to jump to different locations in the digital twin scene, with hot spot indications on model itself


  • Major re-design for 3D interface (digital twin scene)

  • Virtual training room full synchronization for all operations

  • VR headsets are Integrated into the virtual training rooms

  • Full transparency while using slicer


  • Remote support room - replace wrong mic icon

  • Size of schedule window for virtual training room and remote support calls

  • Remote support calls - echo when using iOS solved

  • HTML tags appearing in node descriptions in 3D procedure web (knowledge Management System) - 1.6.0


  • Deeplink to open any 3D model (digital twin) in a specific procedure and a specific mode

  • Help center Implementation

  • Session review documents which specific media files have been view on each step by a user

  • Can download files from the media library

  • Emails notifications

  • Text to speech in the web procedure player

  • Double click on node -> open rich text editor


  • Open knowledge base item in new window by clicking on scroll wheel on mouse

  • Drag and drop upload multi frontline3D files

  • After editor save ask if the user want to publish

  • Editor - wait(w) button is enabled by default, should be disabled. disable all retroactively


  • Pause procedure functionality should only be on "procedure" items

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