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Parts Catalog - Complete Guide
Parts Catalog - Complete Guide
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The parts catalog empowers you to precisely locate and identify any component within your digital twin, even down to the tiniest screw. You can access the parts catalog from the main menu situated on the left side of the screen.

At the bottom of the parts catalog, you'll find a summary displaying both the total number of parts within the digital twin and the count of currently selected parts.

Furthermore, if necessary, you have the option to export the selected parts to an Excel list. This facilitates the sharing of information with your colleagues or customers.

Part Catalog - Fetures

Navigate between Parts Catalog and CAD assembly

If stored within the metadata of the digital twin, you can seamlessly switch between the parts catalog and the CAD assembly list. This can be particularly valuable when communicating with technicians who utilize the CAD assembly as a reference to the model.

Spare Parts list

If available and properly configured, you can view the list of spare parts for the model. This will display only the relevant items within the 3D scene.

Search for Parts

If you possess the name or serial number of the desired part, you can easily locate it using the search bar.

Locate and Hide Parts

Each part is equipped with a magnifying glass icon and an eye icon. The magnifying glass allows you to zoom in on the selected part, while the eye icon enables you to hide it or isolate it (Isolate achieved by Shift+click).


Upon clicking a part, whether within the parts catalog or the digital twin itself, a highlight will appear on both the corresponding part in the list and the 3D model. This linkage ensures seamless alignment between the list and the selected 3D model element.


In short, the parts catalog is like a super-search for finding any part in your digital twin, no matter how small. Just use the main menu to open it, and you'll see how many parts there are and which ones you've picked. You can even export these choices to Excel if you want to share them. It's an easy way to work with your team or show things to customers while exploring your digital twin.

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