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Customizing the Platform: Branding
Customizing the Platform: Branding
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Customizing the Platform: Branding

Users will now have the ability to associate a theme with a workspace. A workspace can be linked to one or multiple themes, giving you flexibility in choosing the visual style that suits your needs. offers several customization options:

  • Company Logo

  • Font colors

  • Color Customization

  • Container Customization

  • Branding options for Web/ 2D

  • Interactive Flows - Node Design

  • Player options

  • Branded Application

Company Logo


Login page



Font Colors

Themes will allow customization of font colors, giving you the freedom to create a visually pleasing and cohesive color scheme.

Color Customization

You will have the ability to customize colors within your chosen theme, allowing for a unique and branded workspace appearance.

Container Customization

Themes will also include the customization of container elements, enabling you to tailor the layout and design of your workspace to your exact specifications.

Project: Thumbnail

User role: Content Creator


Digital Twin: Thumbnail

User role: Content Creator


Interactive Flow: Thumbnails

User role: Content Creator




Player Design

User role: Admin


Procedure Player


Interactive Flow: Warning Pop-Up and Warning Node

User role: Content Creator


Interactive Flow: Styling - Positioning the Header + Description Node

User role: Content Creator


Default Theme for Workspaces

Every workspace will have a default theme provided by The login screen will remain unchanged and will showcase the default theme's appearance.

If any element within a theme has not been edited or chosen, it will automatically fall back to its settings in the original theme.

Note: The implementation of these theme features is executed by For more detailed information or assistance with the implementation process, please reach out to the team.

Branded Application

  • Available for all devices

  • Branded according to company guidelines

For more information concerning branded applications, please contact


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