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Remote Support: High-Resolution Image Capturing
Remote Support: High-Resolution Image Capturing
Updated over a week ago introduces a new feature for remote support calls when expanding a video stream โ€“ the addition of a "High-Resolution Image" button on the toolbar.

During remote support calls, users can now freeze the video stream and capture detailed images, enabling quicker and more precise issue resolution.

  • When expanding a video stream in a remote support call, there is a new button on the toolbar: HD (High-resolution image)

When pressing the button the video stream will stop and the image shown on the video stream will be a high-resolution image.

  • The image will have a zooming feature:

    • The user is able to zoom while the video is paused, using the scroll wheel (in mobile pinch to zoom)

    • While zooming, annotations are still available for use.

    • The user is able to drag while the video is paused and zoomed using these hotkeys:

      • clicking on the scroll wheel (in mobile just pinch to zoom, no drag)

      • right click and drag

      • ctrl + left click and drag

    • When the video is un-paused, it instantly reverts to its original non-zoomed state.

  • Moreover, a "Download" button becomes available when the video is paused, enabling users to download the image (without the added drawings).

Note: The download feature is accessible for Android and PC users.

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