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Interactive Flow Builder: Dynamic Language Flows
Interactive Flow Builder: Dynamic Language Flows

Tailored Media Elements for Multilingual Experiences

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Dynamic Language Flows

This powerful feature empowers content creators to upload distinct media assets that will be selectively displayed based on the chosen language. For instance, if a content creator needs to include a Safety video with English narration as well as an German narration, both videos can be added to the step, ensuring that each video is exclusively shown when the player operates in the corresponding language. As an example, a German viewer accessing the content will exclusively see the Safety video narrated in their native language, while an English-speaking viewer will experience the English version. This enables a personalized and language-specific viewing experience for each user.

Uploading Localized Media

When using the flow builder to edit a non-default language, the media elements within a node are initially disabled for editing. Follow these steps to upload localized media:

  1. Open the relevant Interactive Flow.

  2. Add the necessary languages to the flow (with English set as the default language).

  3. Confirm the language selection.

  4. Open the flow for the desired language.

  5. Choose a specific step.

  6. Enable the "Override the Default Media" option (this allows media elements to be uploaded for the selected language flow).

  7. Upload the relevant media in the Media Elements section within the Step Settings.

It's important to note that any modifications made to the media within a specific step and language will not affect the media in other languages within the same flow. You can perform editing actions such as uploading, deleting, and re-arranging the media elements without impacting other language variations.

Once the media for the specific language has been successfully uploaded, it is ready for use in the flow.

The Toggle Override Option

The content creator has the flexibility to undo the media override by toggling the button "off." By turning the toggle off, the media attached to the default language will be loaded, and the Media Elements will be disabled for editing. It's important to remember that any edits made to the media within a node in an override state will be stored and retained. If the user decides to toggle the "override" back on after toggling it off, the previously edited media will be fetched and restored

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