How to create Sub-Systems
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For an overview of what can be done with Sub-System: Check out Sub-Systems

To create a sub-system automatically (recommended)

To create a subsystem follow the steps:

  1. In the hierarchy window, right-click and select LLS > Create > Sub-system

  2. Give the newly created sub-system a name under the "Device Name" field in the inspector window

  3. Select and drag the game objects that are relevant to the sub-system into the "Device Elements" list

  4. You can experiment with all of the options that are in the Sub-system object

  5. Test the Sub-system in Play mode, by opening the parts catalog and switching to the sub-system menu

To create a sub-system manually

  1. At the Hierarchy right click Devices and create an empty game object.

  2. Name that object.

  3. At the Inspector add component - Device

  4. Edit the device name accordingly.

  5. Drag the wanted asset to the Device Elements at the Inspector.

  6. Go to Devices at the Hierarchy and drag the game object to the Sub Device tab at the

  7. Inspector

  8. Test your work.


I'm getting an error message when trying to create a Sub-System
Cause: Frontline Scene is needed. Visit Importing your 3d model before creating a Sub-System.

I have dragged objects into the sub-systems "Device Elements" list, but can't select their children when testing the sub-system.
โ€‹Cause: "Disable Children" option is turned on.

If this option is turned on, that tells the sub-system to treat the specific model you have in the "Device Elements" list as one part.

By turning it off, the user will be able to select all of the 'children' parts of the model while in the sub-system mode.

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