Modifying a Model's Pivot Point
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To change the pivot point in Unity, you can use the following steps:

  1. Open your Unity project and select the GameObject that you want to modify.

  2. In the menu, go to LLS > Tools > Model > Adjust Pivot Point.

  3. In the opened window, use the "Adjust pivot" button to modify the pivot manually.

  4. On the model, you will see three colored axes representing the object's local coordinates (red for X, green for Y, and blue for Z). If you cannot see the gizmo, it may be far away and outside of the view.

  5. To change the pivot point, click and drag the gizmo to your desired location.

  6. Once you have moved the pivot point to the desired location, you can use the rotation
    tool in the Transform tool to manipulate the object around the new pivot point.

  7. If you want to center the pivot point to the object's center, click on the "Center Pivot" button in the "Adjust Pivot" window (from step 2).

Remember to save your changed pivot by clicking "Setup" in the Zero State Manager.

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