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Interactive Flows - Customize your QR Code
Interactive Flows - Customize your QR Code
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Interactive Flows - Customized QR Code Creation

(User level: (Advanced) Content Creator)

Easy access to published Interactive Flows using QR Codes.

The Interactive Flow can be directly launched via a QR code (relevant for AR Headsets and mobile devices) easily generated.

How to create a customized QR Code

  • In workspace management, under workspace design, user will be able to customize all generated QR codes from that workspace.

  • Customize the QR code (optional):

    • Top image (upload image by user)

    • Logo (upload image by user)

    • Code border + Bottom container (user can choose color)

    • Default QR Code: Default color for bottom container and code border is #36415D

  • Verify QR Code:

    • Preview QR Code

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